Custom Ceremonies For Modern Couples…

Your wedding ceremony is your first announcement to the world, “Hey, this is US!” Your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate your own personality and style.

When it comes to designing your ceremony, you have options!

Image Courtesy Fourwalls Photographic, LLC (http://fourwallsphoto.com)Today’s couples have diverse lives and no one ceremony is perfect for everyone. With Blended Families, multiple faiths, handfastings and cultural traditions, there are so many ways to add meaning, spirit and joy to your biggest day. Reverend Crystal will listen to your ideas and bring professionalism, creativity and an open mind to help you build your vision.

Experience Matters.

There’s a lot that can and does happen on your wedding day. After performing more than a 1,000 weddings, Reverend Crystal can handle the “little” details to make the big day go more smoothly. She shows up well before your start time and coordinates with your other wedding professionals (photographer, DJ, on-site planner) for a seamless, beautiful ceremony. Reverend Crystal is hands on, ready to adapt to your specific needs.

Whether you want a short and sweet ceremony or entire family gala, Reverend Crystal is there for you.

Yes, Reverend Crystal does perform Gay and Lesbian weddings.


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